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Construction Company hits natural gas line at CAP Group causes concern among residents

BEDFORD - SEPTEMBER 27, 2023 - A construction company working on the CAP Group property near Fourth Street in Bedford hit a natural gas line caused a gas leak that lasted several hours on Wednesday afternoon.

Photo: It took several hours for CenterPoint to turn off a gas leak at CAP Group Wednesday afternoon has residents on Bedford's northside concerned

The incident took place around 3:45 pm sending Bedford Fire Department to the intersection of 4th and L Streets.

" I watched the construction crew start running from their equipment when they hit the line. Immediately following there was a loud hissing sound. I knew then they hit the natural gas line, I told my wife to call 911," said Randy Anderson who resides on L Street.

The residents along L Street was evacuated from the area. However, residents along 4th Street south of L Street was allowed to remain at their homes.

Bedford Fire Department closed off the intersection at 4th and L Streets and L Street between 3rd and 5th Street.

Photo: CenterPoint Energy arrived at 4:06 pm Wednesday afternoon but took crews several hours to shut off the leak

CenterPoint Energy arrived at 4:06 pm but it took until 8:30 pm to get the situation under control.

Several residents in the area including those with ill relatives expressed concerns that it took crews several hours to get the gas shut off.

The odor of the chemical placed in natural gas could be smelled for several hours in the neighborhood.

The wind helped dissipated the natural gas in the air helping to keep the risks mitigated.

While the leak inconvenienced the local homeowners the CAP Group was able to continue their work at their facility and Becky's Place did not have to be evacuated along 5th Street.

Photo: Duke Energy disconnected the power about 5:00 pm to disconnect power and did not turn it back on until about 8:30 pm.

Duke Energy disconnected power at a pole about 5:00 pm and was not turned back on until about 8:30 pm.

Fire crews left about 8:30 pm after being dispatched on another call.

Residents have asked the City of Bedford about permits for the current construction and about any hazards on the property.

" We tried to call Mayor Sam Craig , who's office referred us to Bedford Planning Director Brandon Woodward. He came to our home and told us that there was not any hazards with the project that is under way. Well, I am going to call his office tomorrow and find out if there are any hazards now. We asked the City of Bedford why the neighborhood was not notified of the project underway and was advised the CAP Group did not have to notify us of anything, in regards to their project," said Anderson

" This has been a major communication failure from the company and City of Bedford. We tried looking for permits at the construction site but they were none and according to city officials," added Anderson.

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