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BEDFORD - DECEMBER 12, 2022 - The Bedford RDC will meet today at 4:00 p.m. to discuss the construction issues at the new Bedford Police Station.

Issues with the flooring of the new police station have come up with contractors of Fox Construction.

  • The lowest bid for the project was submitted by Fox Construction Company 6931 South Old State Road 37, Bloomington, Indiana in the amount of $2,024,000 base bid.

At this time there are some concerns for stability of the flooring for the concrete grout as the construction project began. The Bedford Redevelopment Commission held a meeting earlier this week in regard to some construction concerns and additional costs to the project.

The project was awarded to Fox Construction, and the old tile floor in the old Aldi's building was scheduled to be removed, grounded to be a smooth a surface, and replaced with carpet.

However, as crews removed the tile, a concrete grout was located, and the pad was worn and in need of improvements. The concern over flooring and stability of the interior walls has become a concern.

Fox Construction has requested a change order to include an additional cost of $40,856 to replace the concrete pad with better material.

The change order will require a new contract after Bedford Redevelopment Commissioner member Ryan Griffith requested a schedule of values, that would keep track of additional labor costs, material used, and approving a change order not to exceed a certain amount.

The agenda for today's meeting include:

Call to Order

Reading of Minutes – November 14th

December 5th Special Meeting

New Business

1. Request Approval And Acceptance Of Agreement Between Owner And Contractor

Construction Contract (Stipulated Price) - New Police Station – Mayor Sam Craig

2. Request Consideration And Acceptance Of Change Order No. 2 – Option A Or Option

B – Remove And Replace Concrete Pad For New Police Station Project – Mayor Sam


3. Discussion


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