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Concern about falling bricks from Antique Mall Concerning to Mitchell Residents

MITCHELL - FEBRUARY 7, 2023 - Concerns about falling bricks and barriers being removed at the back of the antique mall is concerning to Mitchell residents.

In December 2022 the Main Street in Mitchell was evacuated after a building collapse caused a gas leak.

On Monday night, Mitchell residents in the public comment period expressed concerns over the barriers being removed and children playing in the area.

Photo - Main Street in Mitchell was evacuated following a partial building collapse and gas leak. With the incoming rain concerns over the building integrity is being expressed

Residents asked if the city condemned the building to which Mitchell Mayor Nathan Jenkins stated the city has not moved on with any condemnation proceedings at this time.

According to Jenkins if the building is torn down, potentially the whole block would go down with it due to the type of building construction.

The Indiana State Fire Marshal's Office Building Commission only put in place a partial condemnation ruling on the building.

Signs and barricades are placed throughout the area to tell people to stay out. However, both the tape, and barriers are constantly being moved.

Questions about the city's liability on an issue like this was raised during the public comment period. According to Mayor Jenkins the city is only responsible for the alley, the property owners are responsible for securing the building.

Residents expressed concern about vagrants entering the building during the night.

Due to the historical significance of the buildings, city officials have been cautious in how to go about the situation.

Residents have been concerned about the location even prior to collapse.

The city says they will consider moving concrete barriers to the location, concerns over fire protection and getting fire equipment in the area was a concern should the barriers be moved to that location.


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