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BEDFORD - DECEMBER 13, 2022 - The new Bedford Police Department construction is expected to be completed by July 19, 2023.

The Bedford Redevelopment Commission approved the new contract for the renovation of the former Aldis building on West 16th Street in Bedford for the police department.

The former Aldi's building will give the police department 13,000 square feet to be utilized for training, conference room, and a way for prisoners to be transported in and out of the police department.

" I think this is great the city has seen the need to invest in our police officers. This will help us attract and keep officers by having a new building. We have made do for the 60 years with little complaints. The city has invested in getting our officer's police their own police cars, and recently new body cameras. We are glad they have responded to the safety of our officers and community," said Bedford Police Chief Terry Moore about the new facility.

Bedford Police Department has been operating out of the same location and building since 1908

The Bedford Police Department has been operating out of the same location since 1908 that has limited space for a modern police facility that is needed.

Issues with the flooring of the new police station have come up with contractors of Fox Construction.

  • The lowest bid for the project was submitted by Fox Construction Company 6931 South Old State Road 37, Bloomington, Indiana in the amount of $2,024,000 base bid.

At this time there are some concerns for stability of the flooring for the concrete grout as the construction project began. The Bedford Redevelopment Commission held a meeting earlier this week in regard to some construction concerns and additional costs to the project.

The project was awarded to Fox Construction, and the old tile floor in the old Aldi's building was scheduled to be removed, grounded to be a smooth a surface, and replaced with carpet.

However, as crews removed the tile, a concrete grout was located, and the pad was worn and in need of improvements. The concern over flooring and stability of the interior walls has become a concern.

Fox Construction has requested a change order to include an additional cost of $40,856 to replace the concrete pad with better material. During the meeting on Monday the Bedford Redevelopment Commission voted to include both the time and cost of the material not to exceed the $40, 856.

City officials are excited to see this project completed and a brand-new home for the police department that has been a long time coming for the city police officers.

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