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Community Stakeholders Meeting Held at Stonegate Arts & Education Center Today

JANAURY 30, 2023 - The quarterly Community Stakeholders Meeting has held at Stonegate Arts & Education Center Monday morning.

Community Stakeholders Meeting at Stonegate Arts & Education Center on Monday morning

Many local businesses and community partners attended the meeting being updated on a variety of programs, initiatives, and other community projects throughout the county.

IU Health and Community Health, Regional Opportunities Initiatives / Readi 2.0, Adult Education and North Lawrence Career Center, Trauma informed Care, IU CII Grant Updates, Civic Lab Update, Introduction to Local Jobs and Skill Cohorts, Manufacturing Day, Stonegate Updates, Purdue MEP, and P Tech is some of the topics discussed at today's meeting.

Lawrence County Zephyr will highlight some of the topics in various upcoming features.

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Time to enroll at the Springville Community Academy -

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