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Coming Soon: Developments as Martin County Works to Operate Its Own Ambulance Service

MARTIN COUNTY - AUGUST 22, 2022 - Lawrence County Zephyr is continuing to monitor developments as Martin County officials work to operate its own ambulance service.

At this time there is only one BLS Ambulance to provide EMS coverage in Martin County

Lawrence County have previously used Martin County Ambulance Service over the last couple of months to respond to emergencies when other IU Lifeline Ambulances are not available in Monroe or Orange Counties.

A second ambulance is expected to be inspected towards the end of the week

Ambulance service coverage for Lawrence County has been a issue over the last eight years as Lawrence County Commissioners have never had a legal contract with ambulance providers to provide 911 coverage to the county.

Lawrence County is served by two ambulance services, IU Lifeline Ambulance and Seals Ambulance Services. However, they are only contracted to provide EMS coverage for the hospitals it serves.

This could have a impact on mutual aid agreements for ambulance coverage in Lawrence County.

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