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Coming Soon: City of Bedford refusal to maintain city street has residents frustrated

BEDFORD - AUGUST 8, 2023 - Bedford residents on the city's northside no longer feel like their a resident in the the city; after the City of Bedford Street Department refuses to maintain their street.

During every rain event the city street washes out, and takes city crews several days to respond and take care of the washouts.

The Lawrence County Zephyr has interviewed the resident on Riley Blvd. who says they are concerned ambulances, fire trucks or emergency services cannot reach their home.

Bedford Street Department will only provide snow removal on the paved portion of this city street. They will not do snow removal the full length of this city street. During the winter months fire engines, ambulances and even police vehicles cannot access their home.

Find out more about the issue the owners of a home in Bedford with the city officials who fail to provide them the full city services the deserve.


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