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Coming Next Week - Lawrence County Highway Owes Huron VFD for Tree Removal over Labor Day Holiday

HURON - OCTOBER 20, 2022 - Next, week the Lawrence County Zephyr will be featuring a special report on how Lawrence County Highway refusing to reimburse $500 owed to the Huron Volunteer Fire Department for tree removal.

File photo from 2021

Firefighters are sent out to remove trees from State and County Highways throughout Lawrence County saving both the State of Indiana and County Government several thousand dollars a year in overtime expenses. However, the volunteer fire departments are not compensated for their expenses.

Many times, firefighters are left directing traffic around downed trees and powerlines to free up law enforcement. Law enforcement must answer other calls and fire department personnel work to clean up roadways to get traffic moving quicker.

Next week, Lawrence County talks with Huron Fire Chief Bill Kinser about the issue.

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