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LAWRENCE COUNTY - DECEMBER 21, 2022 - Many have started to hit the grocery stores ahead of the Christmas Holiday and purchasing portable generators ahead of the Winter Storm that is expected to start Thursday night into Friday.

If you are a person who likes running your vehicle closer to the E on the fuel gauge now is the time to fill your vehicle up, especially if you are going to be traveling.

The time is now to start making preparations for your home and vehicle. The cold temperatures with wind chills of -20 degrees predicted in some areas will have an impact.

The National Weather Service says the cold front is expected to arrive a little bit earlier.

Predications for snowfall amounts are starting to come in with the latest from the National Weather Service has Lawrence County in the 2–4-inch range.

These predications will probably change in the next 24 hours and when the Winter Storm actually arrives.

Lawrence County Commissioners are telling people to stay home once the snow arrives. Power outages are expected with the blizzard like conditions and icing of trees and power lines. The time to restore power may take longer than expected with the weather conditions hampering restoring the power.

Travel advisories will be issued based on the information and conditions throughout the county. Travel advisories by the Lawrence County Commissioners only apply to county roadways.

Lawrence County Emergency Operation Center will be established at the Lawrence County Sheriff's Department training room when conditions warrant.

Lawrence County Zephyr will monitor announcements from the National Weather Service and local officials and will update subscribers here.

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