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Civil Trial of Garry Prince and Austin Ramsay underway in Lawrence County Circuit Court

LAWRENCE COUNTY - FEBRUARY 21, 2023 - A jury of four men and two women are hearing the civil lawsuit in Garry Prince and Austin Ramsay in Lawrence County Circuit Court on Tuesday.

There was a total of 26 jurors summoned for jury duty to hear the case, with four of those jurors who did not show up for today's hearing.

Jury selection began around 9:00 am this morning and lasted until about 11:15 am when the jurors were seated.

Jurors are paid $15 for being summoned for jury duty and will be paid $40 per day to hear the case.

During the selection process three were removed for just cause, which included two men and one woman. The jurors being excused to take care of a family member, and one for being involved in a fatal collision several years back.

Each attorney was able to challenge 3 jurors each, before the jurors was seated to hear the case.

According to court records, On May 1, 2019, Garry Prince was traveling northbound on Indiana State Road 37 at the intersection of Washboard Road when Austin Ramsay entered the intersection causing the accident.

Garry Prince was injured in the accident and is requesting damages as a result of the accident. Prince is being represented by Kelly Law Offices of Bloomington, Indiana. William Kelly is the attorney of record for the Plaintiff in the case.

The case was originally filed in Monroe County and the defendant Austin Ramsay asked the jury trial to be moved to Lawrence County where the accident occurred. Ramsay is be represented by Bunger & Robertson with attorney John W. Richards representing the defendant in the case.

The issue is not who was at fault but what kind of damages should be awarded to the Plaintiff in the case. According to Prince's attorney the parties have not agreed upon how much they should be awarded in damages.

Ramsay's attorney maintains that the plaintiff injury recurrent injury is not a result of the traffic accident but most of his issues with his left shoulder is the result of a chronic medical condition prior to the accident.

The court will recess at 3:00 pm today and resume the trial beginning at 9:00 am Wednesday morning.

Lawrence County Zephyr will have complete coverage of this trial and verdict tomorrow.

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