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City of Mitchell to Address Animal Control Issues

MITCHELL - JUNE 7, 2022 - During the Mitchell City Council meeting Monday night, members voted to hire a person to enforce the animal control ordinances. The person hired would be part-time who will be paid $15 and work no more than 20 hours.

The ordinance requires all dogs/cats to be on a leash. This measure would help address issues the town has been experiencing with Ferral cats and dogs running loose. The city will also enforce all other animal control ordinances. The city attorney will be drafting an ordinance to allow this person to be able to act on these matters.

In other business:

  • Received bids from the Housing Rehabilitation project. The bids were taken under advisement 10 out of 18 homes received bids. The homes that did not receive bids would have to be readvertised. One more home was added to the project, and everyone that submitted requests were approved. Each home will receive $16,000 of remodeling work.

  • Tabled the request for any further action on 14th Street in the area of Deckard Drive. Residents from the area stated the action is not warranted with the placement of stop signs, speed bumps or other speed control measures. The city plans to re-paint a nearby cross walk for the Bluejacket Trail.

  • Tabled the action on the pool caretaker position until more information can be obtained. Currently, Wayne Cauble is wanting to spend more time with his family, and the city is looking at hiring a second person to help with the tasks associated with the position. The city is also looking at compensation for the position which will include overtime pay verses comp time.

  • Approved two payments on invoices from the ARPA money which includes an invoice to purchase two iPad in the amount of $1,051.94 and to pay Midwestern Engineers in the amount of $5,043.75.

  • Approved the tax abatement for C & M Conveyor who have fulfilled their obligations for the tax abatement. The tax abatement began in 2014.

The public expressed concerns over parking issues on Main Street by the dancing club, flooding issues at 7th and Warren Streets, and street conditions with potholes located at several areas within the city.

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