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Updated: City of Mitchell Residents Encouraged to call 911 to report various complaints

MITCHELL - MARCH 8, 2023 - The City of Mitchell residents was instructed to use 911 to report illegal burning and other complaints to law enforcement as the phone lines at the Municipal building is not monitored 24 hours a day.

The 911 calls are answered by the Lawrence County Central dispatch, after the city moved dispatching services to the Lawrence County Sheriff's Department.

Mayor Nathan Jenkins told residents to call 911 to make a public record of their complaints. T

The city council heard complaints of speeding vehicles, illegal burning of material, and animal control complaints.

Video: Speeding vehicles are hard to enforce due to lack of manpower

" The whole city of Mitchell is unsafe," stated Mayor Nathan Jenkins in regard to speeding vehicles. " I only have three police officers to patrol the whole city, one is in the academy, and one was shot," added Mayor Jenkins.

Video: Work from the water/sewer department should be bid out in the best interest of the City of Mitchell

Mitchell City Council woman Vicky Schlegel told Mitchell Mayor Jenkins that the city should be getting the best price possible when it comes to contracting out water and sewer projects.

Video: National Water received over $400,000 in no bid contract work for the City of Mitchell when the City of Mitchell had the equipment to perform the work.

The National Water Company was giving all the contracts under $50,000.

National Water got over $400,000 in on bid contracts in 2021-2022 under former Mayor J.D. England , who resigned as Mayor and went to work for the same company.

Storm water rates are expected to be increased in the near future.

In other business:

  • Questions continue on the new Curb Appeal project and how the program will be administered. Residents can apply for various projects to be completed to make their homes more appealing. The city will reimburse the homeowner once the project is complete. They are several rules and restrictions and how the money will be dispersed is still being finalized.

  • The speed limit reductions in the City of Mitchell are enforceable, after review from Mayor Jenkins.

  • The city council tabled any action on storm water fees that are expected to be imposed on City of Mitchell residents.

  • The city council tabled the matter of gambling on city property until more information is obtained from the Senior Citizens building in Mitchell.


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