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City of Mitchell Replacing Tornado Siren at City Hall - Testing Later This Afternoon

MITCHELL - MAY 12, 2022 - The City of Mitchell is replacing its 1940 World War II Air Raid siren that was used to alert residents of a tornado. The new siren is a Sentry model tornado siren, in addition the height of the pole is 38 feet with the siren itself placed at 42 feet.

Travis Richardson and Rick Butterfield work to disconnect the wiring to the 1940 Air Raid Siren

Workers from Rick Butterfield, Duke Energy, National Water Service, Mitchell City Street Department, Mayor J.D. England, Mitchell City Police Chief Mike Hardman and City Planning Department Bill Sallee helped remove the old siren and replace with the new siren.

The siren failed to sound during the latest tornado warning for Lawrence County, and the City of Mitchell acted quickly to get the siren replaced in the Severe Weather season for Indiana.

The new tornado siren being placed at Mitchell City Hall

The siren will be tested later this afternoon to make sure that it is working properly.

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