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City of Bedford tables White River Humane Society new contractual agreement again

BEDFORD - NOVEMBER 24, 2023 - The Bedford Board of Works has tabled the White River Humane Socety's new contract for 2024 in their November meeting.

The City of Bedford and the White River Humane Society have been working on an increase to their contract by the city. The city wantd to have a longer than one year contract with the non-profit.

In additiion, the White River Humane Society was reluctant for a city council member to sit on their 7- 9 member board.

The White River Humane Society Board requires moe than 20 hours of volunter labor. The White River Humane Society wanted Bedford Ryan Griffith to serve only as ex facio member of their board, and not be able to attend Executive board meetings.

The City of Bedford city council have active board members for the Men's Warming Shelter and Green Hill Cemetery. This is to able to make sure taxpayers money is being spent wisely and to give the city council a report on how those funds are being spent.

For two years White River Humane Society president Debbie Stailey has been relucant for city council members to have voting rights.

Bedford city council member Griffth has been appointed as a non-voting member in 2023.

The City of Bedford gave the Whitev River Humane Society their current location and dog trail under a lease agreement.

Both the city council and board of works is expected to vote on a contract in December.

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