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City of Bedford Planning Department Approves Permit for $1.6 Million Renovation at M & E Honda

BEDFORD - JUNE 6, 2022 - The following is a correction from an earlier story there was an error in the reporting of the business or person asking for the permit. The Bedford Planning Department issued a Building Commercial Remodeling Permit for M & E Honda located at 4102 Mitchell Road. The project is expected to cost an estimated $1.6 Million.

In addition, the Bedford Planning Department also approved a Building Remodeling Project at the Men's Warming Shelter located in the 1400 block of H Street. That project is estimated at $350,000.

The Bedford Planning Department issued 20 permits for the Month of May.

Total building permits issued Month of May:

  • Certificate of occupancy - 1

  • Commercial Building permit with inspection - 3

  • Commercial Building permits without inspection - 1

  • New Residential Construction - 2

  • Residential No Inspection - 2

  • Residential with Inspection - 6

  • Signs - 5

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Claretta May
Claretta May
Jun 09, 2022

Is M and E Honda going to stay M and E or is something else going in there?

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