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City of Bedford Employees May get a 5 % Raise in 2023

BEDFORD - SEPTEMBER 18, 2022 - City of Bedford Employees are set to get a 5% raise in 2023. Baker/Tilley helped the city look at revenue projections and expenditures for the city to recommend a raise for the city employees.

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The pay raises include a raise for the city's firefighters and police officers. Only a few positions will receive a little over the 5% recommended raise.

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The mayor also cautioned the city council that the city is still losing employees to other competitive jobs. The city police and fire departments are facing high turnover. The fire department turnover is more due to recent retirements.

Bedford Street Department places Road Closed Sign out on 15th street recently

According to the Mayor the utilities department seems to be the department that is struggling the most in keeping the most employees.

Bedford Utility workers putting in a new stormwater line on 18th Street

The budget for the City of Bedford is proposed at $19,275,107 with a tax rate of 2.5681.

The city has $2.994,197 in American Rescue Funds budgeted in 2023 and $1.1 in Local Income Tax funding. The LOIT pays for 9 salary employees of the police and fire departments.

The city council approved the budget and proposed raises up to the second reading, passage of both is expected at the next city council meeting.

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