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Chris May Wins Republican Nomination to Represent Indiana District 65

LAWRENCE COUNTY - MAY 4, 2022 - Indiana Rep. District 65 Chris May wins the Republican nomination to represent a district whose boundaries changed. District 65 now encompasses Washington, and Orange County.

The district no longer includes Brown County.

Chris May places a campaign sign out on the Lawrence County Courthouse lawn Tuesday morning

Chris May easily held his seat with 3,844 votes getting 76 percent of the vote. John Lee challenged May for the seat garnering 1,197 votes.

" Election night always carries all the anxieties and uncertainties, but I can tell you through this election cycle we worked as hard as we could. We got out knocked on doors, done mailings, and outreaches through text messages. We did things unprecedented for District 65," said May.

" This election just shows the value of hard work and effort. We are excited to have over 75 percent of the vote. That represents that I share the same values of all the individuals within District 65," May continued.

May will face off with Democrat challenger Kevin Goodman in the November General Election in the Fall.

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