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Chris May Seeks Another Term as Representative for Indiana District 65

AREA - MAY 3, 2022 - The May 3rd Primary election is about to get underway with Chris May. May is seeking another term for Indiana Representative for District #65.

Indiana District #65 Representative Chris May

May is being challenged by John Lee.

Lawrence County Zephyr has asked subscribers to submit questions for the race. Each candidate was asked four questions.

Here is May's reply:

1. Do you believe the State Legislature has helped or hurt Indiana's Education System and why?

Helped, I supported a historic investment of $1.9 billion in new dollars for our K-12 education system in the 2021 budget bill. This investment included the $600 million annual investment in public schools as recommended by the Teacher Compensation Commission’s report.

Understanding that COVID had a negative effect on student learning, I also supported investing $150M in student learning recovery grants to help students who may have fallen behind.

With all that said, more still needs to be done. I will continue to focus on ensuring our schools and families have the tools needed so our students can be prepared for the future – whether that means earning certifications, participating in an internship/apprenticeship, work and learn opportunities, or going to a college/university.

2. Do you believe Land Banking is essential for rural communities?

No, it is not essential. Although, it is important to be aware of the negative effects blighted properties can have on small communities. Too often, an excess of neglected buildings can dissuade new residents and businesses from moving there. Local leaders can use land banks to spur new commerce, eliminate unsafe structures and create more affordable housing.

In 2020, legislation passed expanding land banks from the single county/municipality level to regional areas to make the initial cost of establishing them more affordable in rural areas. Now, cities and counties in collaboration can form land banks to oversee abandoned properties for new development.

3. How can the Indiana revenues from taxes better reach the rural communities of Indiana?

The best way to accomplish this is to make sure Hoosiers keep more of their hard-earned money in the first place. That is why I supported the largest tax cut in Indiana’s history during the 2022 session that recently concluded.

When fully implemented this tax cut will keep an estimated $1.1 billion in Hoosiers’ pockets. Additionally, thanks to the strong fiscally responsible leadership of Republicans, all Hoosier taxpayers will receive $125 through the automatic taxpayer refund.

Additionally, through legislation I supported, I was able to help send millions of dollars to our communities to improve our roads and bridges and help make broadband more accessible through the Community Crossing Grant Program and the Next Level Connections Broadband Grant Program.

I will continue to support efforts that ensure Hoosier tax dollars make it back to our rural communities.

4. What are the four biggest issues that the state legislature will have over the next four years?

Protecting the God-given Right to Life especially that of the unborn child, stand firmly against federal government overreach in protection of the Second Amendment and our Gun Rights, support Health Freedom while making and protecting policy that insures individual and family choice in matters of health and bodily autonomy, and maintain a balanced and fiscally responsible budget.

List any additional comments or issues not addressed in these questions.

As your Representative, I am motivated by the continued focus on our shared values while passing laws that are good for our citizens, communities, and state rather than fighting through partisan talking points and ideology. My experience serving on the Local Government, Veterans Affairs and Public Safety, and Natural Resources Committees has provided me with first-hand knowledge of the fundamentals needed to effectively work within the Indiana Legislature. More than anything else, I believe in South Central Indiana

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