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Celebrating the Fourth: Sky Lanterns Are Illegal in Indiana

STATE - JUNE 7, 2023 - Sky Lanterns are illegal to release in Indiana.

These devices, which consist of an open flame source, can possibly land on someone else’s property causing damage and therefore are illegal to freely release into the atmosphere. Indiana law states:

“No person shall release or cause to be released a sky lantern/open flame aerial device with the intention of causing the lantern to lift into the atmosphere unless the lantern is anchored or tethered to the person's property such that the lantern cannot freely lift into the atmosphere.”

If these devices are released freely into the atmosphere, you can receive a fine; and if damage is caused to someone else’s property, you are responsible for the damage. Please be responsible and only use these devices if you are on your own property and have the device properly tethered to prevent it from lifting into the sky freely.

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