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BEDFORD - JANUARY 4, 2023 - Several candidates have filed for various offices in the City of Bedford municipal election.

Two candidates are new seeking city elected offices include Billie Tumey; who will be running for City of Bedford Clerk-Treasurer, and Heath Hawkins; who will be running for a City of Bedford At-Large City Council seat.

Candidates line up at the Lawrence County Courthouse Plaza outside Voter Registration to file for various offices.

The first to file this morning was Billie Tumey, who will seek the Clerk-Treasurer position. "I always lived in the City of Bedford and was interested in running for a election in the city. Serving as Lawrence County Clerk is similar to the position at the Clerk-Treasurer office in the City of Bedford," said Tumey.

Billie Tumey was the first to file this morning for City of Bedford Clerk Treasurer

Bedford Mayor Sam Craig is ready to seek his second term as mayor. The first term was met with the challenges of the COVID - pandemic, and a fire at the Red Brick at Otis Park.

" I am ready for the second term, with several goals and projects that I would like the see the city accomplish. One being the completion of the new city police station.

Bedford Mayor Sam Craig

Lawrence County Zephyr will overview Mayor Sam Craig's first term as Mayor in another news feature.

Heath Hawkins will seek a City of Bedford At-Large seat, completes his paperwork this morning

" I care deeply about Bedford being a safe, healthy, and inspiring place for my young daughter to grow and excel. I care deeply about Bedford being a welcoming community that businesses and entrepreneurs can achieve great success," said Hawkins.

Judy Carlisle left completes paperwork at the Voter Registration to seek a fourth term as City Council member

" I was first appointed in 2010 and won two more terms as a city council member. I would like to see a few more projects completed in seeking my fourth term," said Judy Carlisle.

Larry Hardman files for a second term as a city council member

Lawrene County Zephyr will feature Larry Hardman in an upcoming story on his vision for another term as city council member.


The City of Bedford and Mitchell will include the following offices:

  • Mayor

  • Clerk/Treasurer

  • City Council seats

Town of Oolitic

  • Clerk/Treasurer

  • Town Council seats ( all At-Large)

This year's municipal election will be held on May 2nd, 2023.

Important dates:

  • January 4, 203 - First Day of Candidate filing

  • February 3, 2023 - Last Day to file declaration of candidacy to run in municipal election

  • February 10, 2023 - Deadline to withdraw from municipal primary election

  • February 10, 2023 - Deadline to open candidate finance committee for candidate filing a declaration of candidacy for the primary election and running for office paying more than $5,000 in a calendar year

  • May 2 - Primary Election Day

Lawrence County Zephyr will continue to monitor developments in this year's election.


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