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Candidates file for Lawrence County Elected Offices

LAWRENCE COUNTY - (January 10, 2022) - Here is a list of candidates who filed for various offices as of 3:30 p.m. today according to Lawrence County Voter registration. All the candidates at this time have registered as Republican candidates.

From this point forward Lawrence County Zephyr will update the candidate filings on Friday afternoon at 4:00 p.m. The last day for candidate filings is noon on Friday February 4, 2022.

Lawrence County Commissioner

  • Rodney G. Fish - Lawrence County Commissioner District 1

  • Scott Smith - Lawrence County Commissioner District 1

Lawrence County Sheriff

  • Gregory D. Taylor

  • Greg Day

Lawrence County Council District 1

  • Amy Redman

  • Bill Spreen

  • Ryan Turner

Lawrence County Council District 2

  • Phillip Inman

Lawrence County Council District 3

  • Janie Craig Chenault

Lawrence County Council District 4

  • Justin Grant

  • Jeff Lytton

Lawrence County Assessor

  • April Stapp Collins - Lawrence County Assessor

Bono Township Trustee

  • Michelle Porter - Bono Township Trustee

Shawswick Township Trustee

  • Millard Jones

Shawswick Township Advisory Board

  • Reno Bates

  • Janie Edwards

  • Andrew J. Rusch

Marshall Township Trustee

Tony R. Barrett - Marshall Township Trustee

Marion Township Trustee

  • Regina C. Sullivan - Marion Township Trustee

Perry Township Trustee

  • Amy Voorhies - Perry Township Trustee

Perry Township Advisory board

  • Bob Phillips

  • Marilyn Gayle Kimmel

Pleasant Run Township Trustee

  • Michael Nicholson

State Convention Delegates

  • Chase Cummings - State Convention Delegate

  • Brad Bough - State Convention Delegate

  • Andrew Rusch - State Convention Delegate district 3

  • Rick Butterfield - State Convention Delegate district 1

  • Brian Skillman - State Convention Delegate district 1

  • Henry Shelter - State Convention Delegate

  • Krystal Shelter - State Convention Delegate

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