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Candidates Begin Filing for Elected Offices in Lawrence County Rep. Chris May Seeks Another Term

LAWRENCE COUNTY- (January 5, 2021) - This morning was the very first day that candidates could file for elected office in the State of Indiana. In Lawrence County there are several offices that are open for election this year.

Candidates for Lawrence County Elected Offices file this morning at the Courthouse Plaza. All elected officials pay increased in 2022 after Lawrence County Council approved a 17 percent pay increase. The budget for Lawrence County is the highest at almost $28 Million

Some of those who were early at the Lawrence County Voter Registration included Janie Craig Chenault, Republican, Lawrence County Council District 4 Candidate, Scott Smith Lawrence County Commissioner District 1, Gregg Taylor Republican, Lawrence County Sheriff, and Greg Day, Republican Candidate, Lawrence County Sheriff. This is not a complete list of early filers. Later today, we will have a complete list of those who filed on the first day.

Those elected in 2023 will see a significant pay increase after the Lawrence County Council approved a double digit pay increase of almost 17 percent for all office holders in 2022. The council citing that those in current office are under paid compared to surrounding counties.

The vote for pay raises was approved 6-1 with Rick Butterfield casting the only " No" vote.

Republican Candidate for Indiana House Representative District 65 will seek another term. May will face off with Republican candidate Jon Lee in the District 65 race.

Indiana State Representative District 65 Republican Chris May will seek another term in the state legislator. "Today, I am excited to announce that I filed for re-election in the Indiana House. I ask for the continued support of the citizens of House District 65. I remain committed to improving our state with sensible solutions and a steady hand, "said May The district covers all of Lawrence County, most of Orange County and parts of Jackson, and Washington counties.

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