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Business Report: Local Radio Station is Moving on the FM Dial

BEDFORD - (January 17, 2022) - This weekend Stars 99.3 will be going off the air forever as they will be moving to their new frequency 90.1.

The testing will begin on Monday morning on 90.1 but the station will not be on the air officially until January 25th if everything goes smoothly.

Plans are to place an antenna on top of the building that will improve the signal to be heard in Bloomington, as well as throughout Lawrence County.

WBED is moving to 90.1 on the FM dial, 99.3 will go off the air this weekend. The radio station should go live on January 25, 2022.

Shannon and Deb received many awards throughout the years. which include #1 Morning Show " Best of Michiana" 1996, 1997,1998. In 1997 winners of the RAB Radio Gets Results Campaign.

Locally, winners of the White River Humane Society Humanitarian of the Year in 2018 and Business of the Year 2015.

Shannon and Deb Day in the City of Bedford on July 30, 2012. Mike " Shannon" has been recognized by the Indiana Senate for 40 years in broadcasting in 2018.

Lawrence County will be featuring local businesses throughout the year. If you would like us to feature your business contact us at

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