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Burris Elementary School Collab is Ready for Business

MITCHELL - NOVEMBER 15, 2022 - The Mitchell Community School board approved the Extracurricular accounts for the Burris Elementary School Collab. This will allow students to collect money and produce products through the Collab and STEAM labs.

Products available December 5th to December 9th for sale from products produced by Burris Elementary School Students - Hatfield Students will have sale from December 12th - 16th

The Holiday Shop fundraiser is set to get underway which will open from December 5th to December 9th for the Burris Students. The student created products will soon be available for sale.

The 5th graders designed the items, and make, assemble and price the items for sale.

After the Holiday Shop in December a on-line shop will be made available in the second semester of the school year.

There will be over 100 items made available to choose from.

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