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"Building A Home for the Homeless" Campaign Underway for Men's Warming Shelter

BEDFORD - (APRIL 27, 2022) - A few years back, a man who succumbed to the elements during the winter of 2013 while sleeping on the streets in the City of Bedford. Charles Edwards described the feeling of Father Rick Eldred who wanted to make sure that there was not only a place for the women but a place for the men.

On January 2, 2014, a low barrier shelter was opened in Bedford first at Harps Commons, Salvation Army and finally landing at the location at 1414 H Street. The shelter is normally open from November to the end of March.

This year, a total of 80 men was served by the shelter, 37 were regulars to the shelter with 25 men who were able to find homes.

The goal of the " Men's Warming Shelter" is not only to give them a place to stay but find ways to support those who are homeless. This is to help them; find jobs, housing, and counseling dealing with the issues that might brought them to homelessness.

Heather Flynn, Director of the Men's Warming Shelter shared the goal of having a facility that is open year-round, and able to meet the needs of the men in one place.

The current facility needs to make improvements to the building which include kitchen facilities, showers, and more private sleeping areas.

The First Baptist Church in Bedford was used over the last year, to provide a place for them to shower and other hygiene needs before going on their way during the day.

The goal is to raise $515,000 for the project:

  • Building Loans - $124,000

  • Plumbing and Bathrooms - $80,300

  • HVAC - $80,000

  • Drywall - Studs- Painting - $74,000

  • Electrical / Security - $53,950

  • Doors/Hardware - $20,150

  • Floor Coating - $14,150

  • Appliances & Cabinets - $20,000

  • Concrete/Earthwork/Fence - $10,250

  • Demolotion and Dump Fees - $13,650

  • Permits/Rentals/Engineer/Supervision; $24,000

  • Total Costs - $515,000

At total of $76,000 have been donated towards the project. Donors can designate where they want their donations directed towards.

Mail donations to: SARAH/Men's Warming Shelter

Post Office Box 430

Bedford, IN 47421

To follow the progress on the project, go to:

Facebook: Men's Warming Shelter of Bedford

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