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Brush Fires Keep Fire Departments Busy in Lawrence and Monroe Counties

LAWRENCE COUNTY - ( April 4, 2022) - Brush fires kept fire departments busy throughout Lawrence and Monroe Counties Sunday afternoon.

2.5 acres burned near Paynetown Road Sunday afternoon

The Pleasant Run and Marshall Township Volunteer Fire Departments responded to the 2700 block of Coveryville Road. The caller was attempting to burn of fields when the fire got away from them due to windy conditions. The call was dispatched at 4:48 p.m. Sunday afternoon.

(Marshall Township was called to assist Pleasant Run Township VFD on a large field fire in the 2700 block of Coveyville Road Sunday afternoon. Shawswick was also called to assist but were diverted to their own field fire call on Patriot Street in East Oolitic)

Woods on both sides of a field was on fire with approximately three acres was burned in the field and about one acre of woods.

Firefighters were able to get the fire under control. Firefighters using hand tools, back packs, and blowers.

The U.S. Forestry Service also responded who assisted the firefighters in cutting lines, and the forestry service remained on the scene finishing up those lines.

The Shawswick Volunteer Fire Department was dispatched to assist at the fire Coveyville Road when their department was diverted to a fire in East Oolitic. Firefighters from Shawswick dispatched to 61 Patrriot Street when a field fire got out control. There is no word on how many acres burned in that fire.

(Approximately 2.5 Acres burned near Paynetown Road in Monroe County Sunday afternoon)

(MONROE COUNTY ) - In Monroe County firefighters from the Monroe Fire Protection District responded to the area on Paynetown Road. Approximately 2.5 Acres burned in that fire. Boaters from the lake seen the fire and reported it. The boaters stayed on the scene to help firefighters locate the fire. That fire was believed to be caused by a burn pile.


Four stations from the Monroe Fire Protection District responded to that fire.

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