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Bridge Inspections Underway Throughout Lawrence County

LAWRENCE COUNTY - JULY 21, 2022 - All of Lawrence County's Bridges are being inspected, except for three bridges that are closed due to vehicular traffic.

The inspections are normally performed every two years according to Indiana Code or more frequently due to bridge condition or other risk factors.

The bridge in the Logan Bottoms that crosses Salt Creek is safe for school buses to cross but not farmers who must go around miles to reach their fields in northern Lawrence County

With Indiana Republicans boasting of $61 Billion dollars in tax revenues the State of Indiana cash revenues. The crumbling infrastructure which includes roads and bridges could put the Indiana reserves to good use.

Most issues with bridges are sight unseen by motorists who use them on a daily basis

Cement Plant Road Bridge is closed to motorists and is inspected separately from the county's other bridges. This bridge is under a federal project.

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