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Bobby Booker Family Keeps Memory Alive by Bringing Something Positive Around his death

BEDFORD - JUNE 23, 2023 - Kristian Brummett remembers her dear brother each year as the anniversary of his death nears. She hopes to bring something positive from such a devastating tragedy. Kristian's brother, Bobby, was very special to her and this year she asked if a fund to support the Hope families could be arranged in Bobby's memory.

This year, Kristian has decided to help HOPE Resource Center in Bedford

Please follow the link below to support Hope in memory of Bobby Booker!

During the early morning hours of July 25th, 2020, Robert Booker took his life. He was 31 years old and while not very easy to talk about, his family and friends loved him and wanted some good to come out from his death.

His big sister Kristian works to keep positive things, from the death of her brother and keeping his memory alive so his death is not in vain.

" I want his death to be used to help someone struggling and to persuade them to call out for help," said Kristian Brummett.

There are several ways for those who are dealing with a Mental Health Crisis can reach out for help.

STRIDE is a Crisis Diversion Center Mobile Crisis response to Lawrence County, Indiana residents.

Even though the facility is located in Bloomington this service is available to Lawrence County Residents.

The Stride Center is a safe place that can be accessed by anyone needing to manage a crisis. It is an alternative to the hospital emergency room, or jail; it is a positive resource that connects people to care and recovery.

Individuals coping with a crisis will experience guidance and help from staff. Stride provide individual services that help people access resources as they recover.

The Mobile Crisis Line is 877-463-6512 which brings help to you. The Mobile Team is able to assist an individual when they are experiencing a mental health crisis and cannot make it to a safe location where they can get care.

The Mobile Team is available 24/7 to assist with problem-solving, de-escalation, triage, and connecting treatment and or other resources.

Mobile Crisis can provide mental health crisis services directly to anyone 5 years or older.

The Mobile Crisis-Team includes mental health professionals such as Peer Recovery Specialists, Crisis Care Specialists, and Licensensed Mental Health Therapists.

Stride Center is located at 312 North Morton Center in Bloomington and can be contacted at 812-650-4878.

The Stride Center is a calm place for individuals to de-escalate their situations while providing one - on - one consultation with professionally trained staff.

Stride provides a safe place for individuals in Crisis, allowing them to receive support and care while they learn about available services.

Stride is not a shelter, day room to hang-out, detox facility, medical facility, or respite location.

Find help with:

  • Mental Health

  • Crisis De- escalation

  • Treatment Connections

  • Peer Support

  • Substance Use

  • Community Resources

Individuals 18 years and older suffering from

  • Severe Depression

  • Panic Attacks

  • Suicidal Thoughts

  • Crippling Anxiety

  • Substance Abuse Relapse or any other Mental Health/Substance Use Crisis

Follow up and referrals is provided to Stride Center guests to ensure ongoing care coordination. The staff will follow-up to determine if the services referred were provided promptly and met their needs.

The staff will make referral for any additional support and coordination of treatment, including but not limited to further evaluation, therapy, life skills, case management, and health navigation to help mitigate risk.

For breaking news and information go to or go to Lawrence County Zephyr Facebook page.


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