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“Get your motor runnin,’ head out on the highway. Looking for adventure, in whatever comes my way.” - Steppenwolf Claps of thunder are expected to echo throughout Lawrence County the remainder of this week. Before reaching for an umbrella or casting aspersions on local meteorologists, stop gazing at the heavens and train your eyes on the ribbons of highway leading to Lawrence County Recreational Park. Those bellowing booms will be coming from the tailpipes of a multitude of motorcycles. The Boogie is back. Let the party begin. The annual bash features three days of mirth, music, munchies, motorcycles and a menu of adult entertainment guaranteed to satisfy the most voracious of appetites. Did I mention no one ever died of thirst during a Boogie? The seemingly endless stream of spirits and libations is legendary. The event serves as a fundraiser for ABATE of Indiana, an organization promoting the best interests of bikers. The ringmasters of this circus are kind and efficient. The park’s rolling landscape accommodates campers with pitch tents to luxurious RVs. The bikes range from scooters to Harley hogs. Years ago, I spent several years covering the fest for a media outlet that published a series of daily stories plus a tabloid filled with features and photos. Opinions of the get-together range from “woeful“ to “wonderful.“ Other than the preponderance of perspiration drenching my shirt, I enjoyed it. Sure, there are places within the confines that would be embarrassing to the bashful; however, on the whole the party is as pleasant and fun as you choose to make it. Those with a fondness for camping and motorcycles return every year to reunite with friends and revel in the camaraderie. Security has been strong inside and outside the park. Other than a sunburn, there’s little to fear. The Boogie is open to all adults, yet not designed for folks easily offended. I miss those campers greeting me with an offer to share stories, a succulent supper, and a cold brew. Party on. BobBridge welcome‘s comments at 812-276-9646 or

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