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Board of Works Votes to Accept Bid for Sealant for Bedford City Hall Brick

BEDFORD - SEPTEMBER 26, 2022 - The Bedford Board of Works voted to accept the change order for work at Bedford City Hall.

According to Bedford Plan Director Brandon Woodward the brick was soft and sealant would have to be used to keep the brick protected.

A H100 Consolidation treatment would be applied, which will take approximately a total of 13 five-gallon buckets with a price of $1,150 per five-gallon bucket.

The additional price for the first application will be $4,600 with no charge for the labor only material. The cost of the paint has been subtracted on this amount of $12,000.

The cost of the second application is unknown, since it is believed that it will not take as much sealer for second application. A charge of $1,150 per five-gallon will be charged. There will be no charge for labor for the second application.

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