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Board of Works Approves Promotions of Bedford Police Officers and firefighters

BEDFORD - NOVEMBER 21, 2022 -The Bedford of Works approved promotions and permanent promotions of several Bedford Police officers Monday afternoon during the regular scheduled meeting.

The following promotions were approved to be permanent:

  • Captain Jesse Crane

  • Sergeant - Chase Hamilton

The two have completed their probationary period and Chief Moore told the Board of Works members both were capable of their new positions.

Bedford Police Chief Terry Moore announced the retirement of Major Danny Irwin who has served the City of Bedford for more than 25 years.

Major Danny Irwin retires after 25 years of service to the City of Bedford

Irwin most recently was able to locate two individuals in a vehicle theft and attempted armed robbery in August. Irwin submitted his request for retirement on August 9, 2022. He retired on November 11, 2022.

Mayor Sam Craig wanted to let Major Irwin that the city appreciates his service to the City of Bedford.

The Board of Works approved the following probationary promotions due to Irwin's retirement.

  • Captain - Blake Wade to Major

  • Sergeant - Clint Swanson to Captain

  • Officer - Toby Gerkin to Sergeant

Bedford Firefighter Tristen Sites

Bedford Fire Chief John Hughes recommended Tristen Sites as permanent position of firefighter after completing his one-year probationary period. " He will be an outstanding firefighter for our city," said Hughes in recommendation of Sites.

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