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BNL High School student arrested for battery on police officer

BEDFORD - FEBRUARY 27, 2023 - Bedford Police Department released details of an incident at Bedford North Lawrence High School last Friday. One Juvenile, 16, Bedford was referred to the Lawrence County Probation Department where he is on an ankle monitor and released to his parents.

The incident happened around 12:30 pm when the School Resource Officer Justin Gilbert found two juveniles males about to get into a fight at the school cafeteria.

The officer was trying to remove one juvenile from the situation when the other juvenile kept following him and slapping the SRO Gilbert's hand.

The officer attempting to get a hold of the juvenile, however the juvenile pushed Officer Gilbert again. Officer Gilbert took him to the ground while a hall monitor assisted the officer, but the juvenile continued to resist both men.

While attempting to hand cuff the juvenile, they had a hold of his shirt, and the juvenile then ran from the officer.

Bedford Police Officer then requested assistance from other Bedford Police officers.

The student fled the school property heading north on Stars Blvd towards Indiana State Road 58, with police officers able to follow the juvenile. The juvenile was eventually apprehended by Bedford Police Detective Captain Lempke when the juvenile turned east from Boyd Lane just before Indiana State Road 58.

While officers attempting to handcuff him again, the juvenile was trying to break loose again. The juvenile striking Bedford Police Sgt. Dodd in his leg.

The juvenile was referred to the probation department where he was placed on ankle monitoring and released to his parents.

The juvenile was arrested for two counts battery on a police officer, resisting arrest by fleeing, resisting arrest by force, and disorderly conduct.

According to Bedford Police Chief Terry Moore there was no injuries reported to the juvenile or to the Bedford Police officers.

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