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Bloomington Man Charged with Rape and Furnishing Alcohol to Minor

MONROE CONTY - AUGUST 31, 2022 - On August 17, 2022, 9:45AM, Deputies responded to a home in the 4100 block of Arlington Road to find a 20-year-old female unconscious and unresponsive to attempts by deputies to arouse her. Deputies administered three doses of Narcan, but she did not revive.

Eric Montogomery

The female was an Indiana University student from Valparaiso. She was a member of a sorority here; but lived in an apartment in Bloomington. Her mother and father have been informed of her passing. Her sorority has been notified.

The 911 call came from the resident, a thirty-three-old man, who claimed he met the female in the early morning of the 17th in the vicinity of the Indiana University Campus. In time they ended up at his home on Arlington Road. Later on in the morning he found her in the condition that prompted a call to 911.

The investigation into the death of the female led detectives to apply for an arrest warrant for Eric Montgomery. The warrant was granted on August 30, 2022. Due to Montgomery’s violent and extensive criminal history the CIRT team assisted with the warrant service. Montgomery was taken into custody by the CIRT team on a traffic stop without incident and remanded to jail on the charges of Rape and Furnishing alcohol to a minor.

This is a continuing investigation.

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