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Bloomington Man Arrested Friday for Battery

BEDFORD - (January 4, 2022) - A Bloomington man was arrested Friday afternoon following an incident at the Jay-C Fuel Center on Friday.

Bedford Police responded to the Jay-C- Fuel at 1:39 p.m. after 911 calls reporting a domestic dispute.

Temarrey Reiley 21, Bloomington was arrested on charges of domestic battery, and possession of marijuana following an argument his girlfriend who had a laceration under her left eye. She told police officer this was a previous injury.

Officers also observed redness on the left side of her neck.

Reiley and his girlfriend got into argument after Reiley learned that she found out he was looking for his ex-girlfriends on social media. Reiley allegedly raised his fist at the woman, like he was going to punch her.

The woman pulled into the fuel pumps at Jay-C Fuel Center and exited out of the vehicle and Reiley began chasing the woman. Reiley then grapped her and began pushing her to get back into the vehicle. Reiley told police he grapped her by the shoulder to get her in the vehicle.

While police were arresting Reiley they found a plastic baggie containing marijuana. Reiley was taken to Lawrence County Jail and released on bond. Charges are still pending against Reiley.

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