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Bedford's Swimming Pool Ready for Summer Season

BEDFORD - MAY 29, 2022 - The Bedford's John Lowery Pool opened for the summer season for residents to cool off and have a healthy exercise while doing it.

On Saturday, there was free admission to the pool thanks to Weather Masters.

From left to right - Chloe Young, Alex Swenson, Carson Puckett and Georgia Site are ready for a full day of swimmers on Saturday morning

Bedford's Parks Department has a fully staffed team of lifeguards prepared for any emergencies that may arise. They are 20 lifeguards this year, after concerns from a lifeguard shortage throughout the state. The Bedford Parks Department will still take applications should any vacancies take place.

Georgia Sites is this year's Pool Manager at the John Lowery Pool

This year's pool manager Georgia Sites will oversee the operations at the pool.

Sites have worked at the Bedford Pool for the last two years. Sites took lifeguarding as a freshman in high school. She is a Senior at USI in Evansville. She will have a degree in Kinesiology and Athletic Training.

There will be no pool passes this year. The reasoning if they should have to close the pool early in the season due to COVID or other unforeseen issues they are no refunds. This was preemptive move to address the situation.

They are passes for lap swimming and they are still available.

Operating hours will be 12-6pm daily.

Daily Fees:

Ages 2 & Under: Free

Ages 3-17: $2.50

Adults: $3.00

Slide Band: $1.50

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