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Bedford Redevelopment Commission Approves TIF Revenue Going Towards Spider Creek Project

BEDFORD - AUGUST 9, 2022 - The Bedford Redevelopment Commission will use TIF Funds to support the Spider Creek Lift Station Upgrades.

During their meeting Monday afternoon, the Bedford RDC approved approximately $ 2 Million in Tax Incremental Financing Funds and $ 3 Million from American Rescue Funds Act Funds go towards the project.

According to Bedford Mayor Sam Craig this helps with the grant process and shows the city is willing to fund the project.

The Bedford Redevelopment Commission is also considering funding some other projects in the near future; however, Mayor Craig did not disclose what those projects were.

Location of new Bedford Police Station located at 2308 16th Street

In addition, the Bedford RDC also approved a payment for Midwestern Engineers Inc. for the design of the new Bedford Police Station that will be located at 2308 16th Street. The payment of $36,500 for the design work of the new police station.

Bedford Mayor Craig the basic drawings and floor plans for the new facility has been completed. With three to four meeting already held with the IT personnel, dispatch needs, generator needs, and HVAC needs being identified for the new police station.

Mayor Craig says the project is on schedule with bids for the project to be let soon.

In final business, the commission approved paying the invoice in the amount of $18,835.41 to Baker/Tilly Municipal advisors. This is for their work on preparing information on the TIF districts in the City of Bedford. The report details the impact on other government units such as schools, parks, county government, township government and libraries.

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