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Bedford Redevelopment Commission Approves Expanding Economic Development Area

BEDFORD - (January 26, 2022) -The Bedford Redevelopment Commission approved a resolution to expand the Economic Development Area for the proposed construction of the Bedford Police Department and along Beech Street.

The TIF area will not expand with this resolution but will allow the improvements and acquisition of the Aldi's building for a new police station.

On December 22, 2022, Bedford Redevelopment Commission approved a resolution to purchase the building for $825,000 with the RDC putting down a $20,000 deposit.

The area along Beech Street has also been included in the expansion of the Economic Development area. The proposed $46 Million jail is in the area along Beech Street.

The purchase is contingent on an appraisal, inspection and survey of the property. If there are any issues with the property, the sale can be denied by the RDC. The RDC has 60 days to reject the proposal.

Proposed new Bedford Police Department the former Aldi's Building on West 16th Street

The Aldi's location will give the police department 13,000 square feet to be utilized for training, conference room and safer way to transport prisoners in and out of the police station.

An engineer will be hired following the purchase of the property which is expected to be sometime in and around March.

The area will also include the area around Beech Street with the location of the proposed new jail facility and property owned by Steve Evans. The Bedford Plan Commission moved that proposal on to a public hearing in February.

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