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Bedford Redevelopment Commission Approves Advertising Bids on New Police Station Project

BEDFORD - SEPTEMBER 12, 2022 - The Bedford Redevelopment Commission approved a couple of actions on the new Bedford Police Station that is being constructed at 2308 West 16th Street in Bedford.

New Location of Bedford Police Department located at 2308 16th Street

The first action taken by the Bedford RDC was to approve an invoice payment to Midwestern Engineering Inc. in the amount of $51,100 for its services in designing the new facility.

Bedford RDC also approved in advertising the bids for the police station with the advertising of the bids will begin on October 20, 2022, and the bids being opened on October 27th, 2022. A special meeting of the Bedford Redevelopment Commission will be held on November 3,2022 to award the bid.

According to Bedford Mayor Sam Craig who updated the RDC on the project, stated that the architectural design inside the building as well as the type of facade has been completed. Bedford Police Chief Terry Moore meeting with Midwestern Engineers regularly to provide information on the department specifications and needs.

The IT, radio communications, and alarm systems providers have all met to provide information on their requirements for the project. The generator for the department will be placed in a different location than previously planned but will be placed in an enclosed area of the building.

Mayor Craig stated that the labor costs and other pricing has been rising. However, so far, the project timeline of completion should be around September or October 2023.

In other business:

  • Approved a new law firm to represent the commission for legal services. The RDC approved Bose McKinney & Evans with a cost savings to the city. The RDC chose to terminate Tom Pittman's contract. Two firms were interviewed for the legal services of the group, with the recommendation with this group coming from city attorney Greg Pittman.

  • Approved providing $2 Million in funding to the Spider Lift Station project. The City of Bedford Utilities Department applied for a $ READI grant for the project. However, there is a wait to see if TWG will qualify for Low Income Credit for their project around November 15th of this year. TWG is hoping to receive the credits for their project that is proposed at the former George's Gateway property. The Spider Creek Project is also expected to use RSF funding for the project in addition to what has been applied for.

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