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UPDATED : Bedford Police Releases Details in Interaction with Harold Wilson on Tuesday

BEDFORD - (April 22, 2022) - Bedford Police Chief Terry Moore provided details on the department's interaction with Harold Wilson prior to a Silver Alert being issued.

Harold Wilson 89, Seymour

Harold Wilson, 89 Seymour was found dead in creek near State Road 256 and State Road 39 on Wednesday. Wilson was discovered by fishermen and along with his red Silverado pick-up truck. No foul play is suspected.

The interaction with Mr. Wilson lasted for over one hour by the Bedford Police Department on Tuesday morning.

According to Chief Moore Bedford Police Department made a traffic stop at 4:06 a.m. at 16th and O Streets in Bedford. Bedford Police officers who made the stop was concerned over Mr. Wilson's health. Officers were concerned he was not speaking properly, did not know his location, and did not know the day of the week.

The Silver Alert for Harold Wilson was not issued until 7:51 a.m. three hours following the interaction with Mr. Wilson. This information was provided to Lawrence County Friday afternoon.

This prompted the officers to request an ambulance for Wilson. IU Health Ambulance Service responded to the scene. IU Health EMS personnel medical evaluation determined that Mr. Wilson did not need any medical treatment.

" He did not have his cell phone on him, and stated he was trying to get back to Seymour. In Indiana there is an option to put medical contact information on the driver's license. The Bedford Police Department could not make contact with the family information provided on the driver license at the time," said Moore.

The Bedford Police Department contacted local nursing homes, and Jackson County Sheriff's Department to try and find out more information or family information for Wilson.

These attempts were unsuccessful, with no one contacted, did not know Mr. Wilson, or his family.

" We did not have the right to keep him. Everyone has constitutional rights, and he did not commit a crime. He was cleared medically by the emergency medical personnel at the scene," said Moore.

Police officers are required to take Dementia Training and Bedford Police officer completed the training Last May or June by Indiana University Health Hospital.

The City of Bedford has provided additional training for all city employees to be able to assist its residents with Dementia.

The City of Bedford recently received certification as a Dementia Friendly Location.

Mr. Wilson asked the officers how to get back to Seymour and the officers provided directions to him.

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