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Bedford Police Investigate Incident as a Property Damage Accident Last Week in downtown Bedford

BEDFORD - JULY 14, 2023 - The Bedford Police Department investigated a property damage accident in front of the Court Room Bar & Grill with no reports of injury according to the incident report obtained by the Lawrence County Zephyr on Friday afternoon.

Photo: Springville resident Kenneth Fahr stands in front of Pub 15 protesting following the termination of a friend of three local downtown Bedford restaurants

According to the police report Bedford Police Department was called by 911 to the intersection of 16th and J Streets for a property damage accident on July 5, 2023 at 1:22 pm involving Kenneth Fahr, Springville, IN and Samuel Sanito Trezzo, who was driving a Black Honda and involving a pedestrian. According to the police report Fahr did not complain of any injuries.

Trezzo under legal advice of his attorney did not wish to speak with the Lawrence County Zephyr on Friday about this allegation made by Fahr.

Today's report comes after Lawrence County Zephyr's news story on Kenneth Fahr protest of three downtown and businesses and the public's concern about Fahr carrying a firearm and bullet proof vest during his protest.

Fahr has a concealed carry permit as well as in Indiana the State of Indiana the ability to open carry a firearm.

According to the accident report there is no other investigation or criminal acts in the police report.

Lawrence County Zephyr sought a police report to look at the allegations alleged by Fahr in a story that appeared in the Lawrence County Zephyr.

Here is the orginal article:

BEDFORD - JULY 13, 2023 - Many in the downtown Bedford area noticed a man standing in front of one of three businesses with a sign.

On July 5, 2023, K.J. Fahr started protesting outside three Bedford downtown restaurants on various days, following the firing of one of his friends J.D. Lawson.

Lawson has worked for Endeavor Hospitality Group which includes the Court Room, Pub 15, and Rusty Gator for one year and a half.

They asked Lawson to work at the Court Room in Bedford due to employee shortages.

Lawson began working in the Bedford restaurant in May 2023.

" I have worked with him in three different kitchens, I have never seen him raise him his voice unless it was just over food quality," said Fahr in speaking about Lawson.

" I met J.D. in culinary arts school in January 2017, after J.D.'s father died in his teenage years and J.D. will tell you he was a scum bag," added Fahr.

J.D. does have a criminal past, and over the years law enforcement was familiar with the Greene County man. However, about eight years ago J.D. decided it was time to get his life in order, or he would probably be in prison.

J.D. decided to stop his drug use, Heroin and other drug use was a norm for Lawson. But, J.D. knew it was time to stop, especially being diagnosed with cancer, overcoming both.

Lawson was eventually terminated on July 5th, in the State of Indiana a business can terminate a employee for any reason. There are very little employee protections except what is protected by federal law.

" The events leading up to his termination was unethical and immoral," according to Fahr. On June 30th the general manager helped J.D. Lawson with all of his paperwork to purchase a vehicle loan in order to get to work. Lawson was then able to finance his first vehicle. Within matter of hours or days Lawson was terminated from his job.

" He worked his shift on Saturday and then on Monday started contacting him about a meeting, and eventual termination," said Fahr.

According to Fahr's account of events, the day of his termination on July 5th, Fahr stood in front of the Court Room Bar protesting when a vehicle struck Fahr while his back was facing towards the street.

The driver of that vehicle was later to be determined to be an Endeavor Hospitality employee, Sam Trezzo. At this time the incident is under investigation by Bedford Police Department, which responded to the Court Room Bar & Grill at 1:18 pm.

Lawrence County Zephyr has requested an incident report. While the incident is still being investigated that report has not been provided by the police department.

The video camera in the area did not capture the actual incident.

The business cameras were facing the opposite direction, and the cameras at the Lawrence County Courthouse are only motion activated and too far to capture the incident.

Local residents have expressed concern about Fahr, carrying a firearm and bullet proof vest following the incident. However, both are legal to do so, in the State of Indiana and Fahr has a conceal carry permit.

Fahr was served with a no-trespass notification and cannot enter into the properties of Courtroom Bar & Grill, Pub 15, or Rusty Gator in Bedford, after being struck by the vehicle.

Fahr has given the Courtroom Bar & Grill a letter stating he will end the protest if his demands are met which includes:

Mr. Trezzo, Marketing Director for Endeavor Hospitality apologizes for hitting him with his car, and calling Fahr a liar, and an apology by the Court Room Bar & Grill for the termination of J.D. Lawson.

As of Thursday afternoon, July 13, 2023, Fahr was still carrying on with his protest of the establishment.

At this time Lawson is seeking other employment and is concerned about being able to get back on his feet again following this setback. Fahr is concerned about Lawson's wellbeing after being successful in his recovery.

After many residents were concerned about the protest and wanted information about it, Lawrence County Zephyr reached out to Fahr.

Because this is personnel matter the Endeavor Hospitality does not have to reach out and has not done so at this time. The business is able to hire and fire whoever, for whatever reason.


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