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Bedford Plan Commission Meeting Today 3:00 P.M.

BEDFORD - (February 22,2022) -The Bedford Plan Commission will meet today at the Milwaukee Depot at 3:00 p.m.

Agenda listed below:


READING OF MINUTES: January 25, 2022 regular scheduled meeting


1. Public hearing for a special exception permit request for Arthur Wilmoth for

property located 118 Bailey Scales Rd. Arthur request to put in a type II

manufactured home on his property. The current property is zoned R-1

single family residential district and will only allow type I manufactured

homes. On 2-8-2022 this was approved by the Planning Commission to be

moved to the Board of Zoning and Appeals for final approval.

2. (Postponed till March) Public hearing for Chase Wicker with Arnold

Consulting Engineering Services, Inc. for the property located at 3160 John

Williams Blvd. The current property is zoned B-3 Planned Business District

and does not allow for a car wash as a permitted use. They are requesting a

special exception permit under the B-3 zoning to allow the car wash.


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