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Bedford Plan Commission Approves Zoning Change for Tow Lot and Storage Units

BEDFORD - MAY 10, 2022 - The Bedford Plan Commission approved moving the zoning change request by Pip Pay Properties LLC also known as Bland's Wrecker Service on to the Bedford City Council.

Bedford Plan Commission moves zoning request on to Bedford City Council by Pip Pay Properties

The property is currently zoned B-2.

The property will be used as an impound lot, and future storage unit facility business. The building that used to house Rocky's Auto repaired will not be used by the company.

The Bedford City Council will hear the proposal at its May 16th, meeting at the StoneGate Arts & Education Center at 7:00 p.m.

The zoning change was conditional with the requirement of the 9ft fencing must be so that the public could not see through it. In addition, plan commission members also added a provision that vehicle could not be stored on the property more than 30 days.

The zoning change will require no vehicles held more than 30 days, and the public cannot see through the fence. The property owners will use a mesh material to accomplish the request

The property owners will use a mesh, to on the fencing, and a barbed wire fence will be located on the top. There is still potential that the public might be able to see the vehicles due to the parking lot sits lower than the roadway. The city ordinance requires a 9-foot fence.

Hillard Lewis who owns Jim Day Furniture which is located across State Road 450 asked about why the zoning change was I-1 instead of B-3. Bedford Plan Director Brandon Woodward advised that the zoning of I-1 was the only one that could be used for the purposes proposed by the business.

The property owners addressed all the concerns and was cooperative in being good neighbors to the community. Mr. Lewis was satisfied with the property owners addressing his concerns and did not want them to go through the expense of additional height of the fence.

In other business:

  • Approved Jason Delaney's request for minor subdivision located at 1402 2nd Street and 205 N Street for two homes located on the property that will be divided into two parcels. The proposal moves on to Bedford City Council

  • Approved an amendment to a platted street name for Southern Fields residential Subdivision. The street name was recorded as Southern Fields and should have been identified as Lucy Lane. The request moves on to Bedford City Council

  • Moved Daryl Peterson's request on to a public hearing for rezoning of property located at 2604 35th Street from B-3 Planned Business to I-1 Light Industrial District. Peterson hopes to use the property for a storage facility business. The public hearing will be held at the Bedford Planning Commission June meeting.

  • Moved Johnny and Janet Fiddler's request for a minor subdivision on to a public hearing. The property located at 2747 Washington Avenue. The Fiddlers would like to subdivide the property into two parcels to separate the business from the residence. A public hearing will be conducted at the June Bedford Plan Commission meeting.

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