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Bedford North Lawrence High School football field to get new bleachers for $1 million project

BEDFORD - AUGUST 19, 2023 - The North Lawrence Community School Board approved a $1 million project for the installation of new bleachers for the home team at the football field.

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This comes after the school corporation received an American with Disabilities Act

complaint. The complainant will receive notification of the project.

This project was not a choice but required of the school board.

The new bleachers will accommodate 2,716 people with a total of 22 wheel chair accessible seating, chairs and ramps.

The school board members voted 6-0 on the project with school board member Tracy Bailey absent for the vote on Thursday.

The board awarded the project to GT Granstands, Plant City, FL which will also include the demolition of the old bleachers.

The school board asked whether the project was competitive bidding which Supt. Yancey said it was. The project with capital improvement bonds.

The project is not expected to effect the other sports and will begin shortly after this year's football season. But, weather may be a factor, in timing and school officials will try to keep the project on schedule.

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Bedford-North Lawrence High School Bedford, IN HOME GRANDSTANDS – COMPLETE REPLACEMENT GTG

Quote #RC0410233R1 The Interlocal Purchasing System (T.I.P.S) JOC Contract #20080102 – Stadium, Field Seating, Bleachers

August 7, 2023 HOME SIDE:

  • 16 Row x 294’, 48” Elevated Grandstand Featuring: 

  • Approx. (2,716) total net seats

  • (22) wheelchair spaces with companion seating included  Galvanized steel I-Beam understructure 

  • Cross bracing between columns to grade in alternating bays  Foundation design based on 2,500 PSF soils 

  • Ramps and stairs are designed to be installed on flat concrete pads  26” tread with 13” rise  Nominal 2" x 10" anodized aluminum seats 

  • Interlocking closed mill finish aluminum deck 

  • Anodized aluminum risers  (7) aisles, 4’-6” wide, equipped with 1.9” O.D. mid-aisle handrail and contrasting nosing  Intermediate steps enclosed front and sides 

  • (2) ADA ramps located at ends of grandstands 

  • (4) Stairs at 6’-2” wide front crosswalk 

  • 9 gauge galvanized 2” mesh chain link guard rail system 

  • Engineer sealed drawings including State of IN approval  Demolition of the existing grandstand included 

  • One year warranty Price for Materials Delivered and Installed, Including Foundations: $1,051,800

  • Preliminary Project Durations:

  • Shop Drawings: 8-9 weeks (after receipt of order) Bleacher Fabrication: 14-16 weeks (after approval of shop drawings) Aluminum Planking: 16-18 weeks (after placement of order with extruder) Installation: 8-10 weeks (depending on options chosen) Exclusions: 

  • Any work associated with the visitor side  All applicable taxes  Prevailing wage or union labor 

  • Any site work or grading 

  • Locating or relocation of existing utilities or underground unknowns 

  • Any work associated with accessible route to bleachers or grandstands

  • Access into the existing press box from the new home side grandstand

  • All site fencing  Removal of spoils from foundation work

  • Removal of oxidation/staining from mill finish aluminum plank

  • All liquidated damages

  • Bonding

  • Permits or permit fees

  • Soil testing Qualifications: 

  • Preliminary schedule is an estimated project timeline and is not a guarantee of completion. Schedule is contingent on the timely receipt of purchase order, signed approval drawings, color selections (if applicable), order backlog, governmental approval process (if applicable), and material/supply chain availability. 

  • Force Majeure: No Party to this Agreement shall be responsible for any delays or failure to perform any obligation under this Agreement due to acts of God, outbreaks, epidemic/pandemic or the spreading of disease or contagion strikes or other disturbances, including, without limitation, war, insurrection, embargoes, governmental restrictions, acts of governments or governmental authorities, and any other cause beyond the control of such party. During an event of force majeure, the Parties' duty to perform obligations shall be suspended. 

  • Economical mill finish tread planking has been specified for all walking surfaces on this project. This mill finish planking may have water stains (dark black, brown, or white) present resulting from unavoidable condensation that occurs during packaging, transporting, and storage preceding installation. Removal of these stains or board replacement upon completion of installation is not part of our proposal. A clear anodized finish may be purchased to eliminate potential stains if selected as an upgraded finish at additional cost by change order prior to placement of the aluminum order for the project.

  • Pricing is available upon request. 

  • Owner to provide access to through and around site for staging and equipment


American Rental located 1416 James Avenue Bedford, Indiana - 200 days same as cash

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