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Bedford North Lawrence Baseball Team Use Teamwork to Prepare Wiley Park for Baseball/Softball

BEDFORD - (March 25, 2022) - The Bedford-North Lawrence Baseball team used team work to prepare the fields at Wiley Park Friday afternoon.

Many of the players was already familiar with the fields as, this is where their love of baseball actually began.

" I think it is very important for the high school players and program to support the little league baseball program through the Lawrence County Boys/Girls Club. A lot of these boys have played here through the years. I have played in the league when it was at Central Foundry. This is the day that we have 20 some kids out working couple hours to get ready for the season," said Jeff Callahan Coach Bedford-North Lawrence High School Boys Baseball team.

The team prepared fields, worked on cleaning out the storage areas, and made sure the fields were ready for play in the next couple of months.


" We are proud that the BNLHS baseball team is out helping us prepare the fields for the baseball and softball season for the Lawrence County Boys/Girls Club. This is an exciting day for me, as I transition from when I use to come out to play here. Then, I had the chance to come out and help as a high school player. Now I get to help these high school players help the upcoming youth. I helped some of the kids, played with some of these kids, and now they get experience of helping the upcoming players," said Ben Barker, Lawrence County Boy/Girls Club.

This year's Baseball Team include:

Seniors (2022)

  • Grant Dalton

  • Kylar Fisher

Juniors (2023)

  • Will Adams

  • Nate Pemberton

  • Kaedyn Bennett

  • Jonny Stone

  • Riley Pruett

Sophomores (2024)

  • Trace Rynders

  • Ryker Hughes

  • Maddox Ray

  • Walker Ward

  • Kline Woodward

  • Cade Mungle

  • Carter Bennett

  • Isaac Daria

  • Xavier Rich

  • Jackson Dalton

  • Evan Prince

  • Briar Isom

Freshmen (2025)

  • Cal Gates

  • Tate Tanksley

  • Zade Carter

  • Logan Fortner

  • Gavin Pedersen

  • Logan Weber

  • Tyler Stigall

  • Logan Miracle


  • Jeff Callahan

  • Reggie Joslin

  • Steven McNabb

  • Dennis Kissinger

  • Matt Olson

For more information on the baseball and softball programs contact the Lawrence County Boys/Girls Club at 812-279-6123.

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