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Bedford neighborhood have concerns after Nelson Heights developers to add duplexes

Updated: Jan 1

BEDFORD - DECEMBER 30, 2023 - Neighbors close to the proposed Nelson Heights Subdivision are concerned after Jay Nelson has amended the proposed subdivision.

Nelson is planning to construct five duplexes.

The lots are located at 26th and U Street , 11.85 acres with the subdivision north of the Southland Church of Christ.

Nelson is requesting a road name change and smaller parcels on the north side for duplexes.

The City of Bedford Plan Commission will hold a public hearing on the application on Tuesday January 9, 2023 at 4:00 pm at the City Concourse located at 1402 H Street Bedford, Indiana.

Back in July, 2023 the residents were opposed to the development with storm water issues and narrow streets. More than 15 concerns was addressed to the plan commission to which the commission stated those issues were not under their authority to address.

PREVIOUS News Story: BEDFORD - JULY 12, 2023 - Despite more than 15 concerns from area residents such as stormwater issues, erosion, narrow streets in the area, lack of sidewalks on nearby streets, increase traffic, and a large retention pond the Nelson Height Subdivision was approved by the Bedford Plan Commission.

Photo: A 24 lot subdivision will be constructed near 26th and U Street in Bedford

The housing subdivision will be placed on 8 acres for single family homes. The price range of the homes would be around $200,000 to $300,000 homes.

Bedford Plan Commission President Bryon Buker told the group of neighbors who expressed their concerns; "We are not here to determine stormwater issues, that is Bedford Utilities issue, We are not here to determine the size of streets, that is the Bedford Street Commissioners, we are only here to determine the approval of the number of lots,"

The proposal by Jay Nelson, was proposed at 30-40 lots but was reduced down to 24 lots after consideration of utilities and other concerns.

The concerns include:

  1. Storm sewers needed on U Street which already spills over into U Street causing residents issues when there is a significant rain

  2. The 26th Street culvert already gets obstructed when it rains

  3. Standing water and erosion control for the subdivision after lots 1, 2, and 34 currently already pool water

  4. Size of retention pond would not provide enough room to include drainage and this will be located near a Duke Energy easement

  5.  Homes have narrow frontages, saying the lots are to narrow

  6. Unusable lots

  7. Ravine lots

  8. Homeowner zoning and planning - Neighbors are wanting HOA to hold the property owners accountable to keep their properties up and adhere to the policies of the construction and upkeep of the properties.

  9. Power line - Due to the high-voltage lots 1 -10 will be effected by the proposal

  10.  Bedford sewer utilities - Concerns over the Bedford Utilities able to handle the additional homes in the area

  11.  Sewer and water - The 3 ft diameter sewer main runs under or near the power lines. The city's main comes directly from the water filtration plant on 27th street

  12.  Playground location - The playground is plotted on a slope, in the ravine edge and near a 3 ft sewer main.

  13.  Utility distribution plans - Local distribution of electric, water, gas, sewer, phone, cable and street lights utilities are not shown on the plans

  14.  Floor plans and blueprints - Can you show the drawings or renderings of some of the homes

  15.  Business plan - Is the developer constructing and selling the homes? And are local contractors and construction material going to be purchased locally?

Duke Energy was contacted and told Travis Norman who is the land surveyor on the project that lots 2-9 must 90 degrees to the proposed homes on the project.

Both Utilities Director Misty Adams and Bedford Street Commissioner David Flinn was consulted on the project.

The Cul de Sac will be constructed so that fire trucks can get in and out of the addition, there will be placement of three fire hydrants in the addition. In addition, sidewalks will be constructed in the housing addition.

" I am just done with Monroe County and their restrictions in trying to get a project approved," said Jay Nelson in why choosing Bedford as the location for this project.

After about a 20 - 30 minute discussion and concerns with the local residents, the Bedford Plan Commission members passed the proposal.


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