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Bedford Middle School student volunteers at the Men's Warming Shelter in Bedford

BEDFORD - NOVEMBER 6, 2023 - The Men's Warming Shelter held an Open House on Sunday with a Soup Supper and allow the community to see the upgrades at their new location at 1414 H Street in Bedford, Indiana.

Photo: Cora Cummings( left) a Bedford Middle School student is in her first year of volunteering at Men's Warming Shelter

The Men's Warming Shelter opened on November 1, 2023 until about March. In order to serve the needs it takes a lot of volunteers to serve the needs of those coming to the shelter.

One volunteer includes Cora Cummings who is a Bedford Middle School student.

" My mother volunteers on Fridays, I thought this would be a great way to help the community. I believe this is a excellent way to help people in need, " said Cummings.

Cummings not only served soups on Sunday but baked chocolate chip cookies for the guests.

Photo: Cora Cummings stands with Brooke Lipscomb another volunteer at the Men's Warming Shelter

Another dedicated employee Brooke Lipscomb has volunteered three years for SPIN which now operates Monday - Friday 9:00 am to 11:00 am at the same location.

" I come every Friday morning, they refer to me as the gravy lady. I come around 8:00 am and stay until about 10:00 am. I think its important to support this program and garner the community support. This SPIN program is for people in need and that can be in need of companionship, hunger or needing help with the laundry," said Lipscomb.

" This place is to shelter you from the storm, and whatever storm that you go through in life, and this program is for everyone. I do not care how you got here, we all make mistakes. If you are here asking for help and grace we are here to give it to you. We all been in those places where we appreciate our mistakes, past and history to not be looked at," added Lipscomb.

" We are ready to propel you forward,"


Located at 1416 James Avenue Bedford, Indiana

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