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Bedford Men's Warming Shelter Finds Permanent home itself

BEDFORD - NOVEMBER 1, 2022 - Bedford Men's Warming Shelter will be opening today at 5:30 p.m. to accept the first clients who need to get in out of the elements this winter season.

Men's Warming Shelter located at 1414 H Street in Bedford is now permeant

The hours of operation will be available from 5:30 p.m. until 9:00 a.m. from November 1st until about March.

The Men's Warming Shelter has been in operation since about 2014, after a homeless man froze to death on a Bedford Street. Several other homeless men were sleeping in stairways in the downtown area.

Father Rick Eldred had a compassion for the homeless and the men who needed a place to stay in Bedford

Thanks to the efforts of the late Father Rick Eldred and many individuals, churches and organizations many years ago; the vision of the shelter continues and now has a location that will forever be available every year.

A new dorm area allows about 28 men to stay on a given night at the facility

The shelter providing food, shelter, clothing, shower facilities, and laundry facility. Thanks to the donations and support of the local businesses and community partners these facilities are now new.

Many attend the Open House on Sunday for the opening of the Men's Warming Shelter

On Sunday afternoon, an Open House allowed the public to see the transformation of the new facility that will have the capacity to hold about 28 men. A dorm area allows a comfortable place to stay.

Plenty of food provided during the Open House on Sunday

SPIN will also be moving its operation to the new facility also. Supporting People in Need who also helps homeless families and families in need.

New laundry facilities, showers, ADA compliant bathrooms are available at the Men's Warming Shelter

SPIN offers social support, and transitional services, " The program is designed not only for homeless people but for people who struggling who may not have utilities, the capability to shower, do laundry, or other needs not realized by those who have those services," said Heather Flynn Director of Men's Warming Shelter.

The Men's Warming Shelter will have a ribbon cutting ceremony on Wednesday November 16th at 11:00 a.m.

There were over 206 homeless men served at the shelter with 4.395 overnight stays at the shelter since from 2017-2021 alone.

Open House Sunday at Men's Warming Shelter

The need for donations and volunteers is still needed throughout the winter months, and many churches have been able to provide meals to those who stay at the shelter on a rotating basis.

Anyone wishing to make financial contributions can do so by mailing it to Post Office Box 430 Bedford, IN 47421.

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