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Bedford Man Sentenced to Prison for Theft, Drug Charges

BEDFORD – Lawrence Superior Court II Judge Bob Cline sentenced a Bedford man to more than 4.5 years in the Indiana Department of Correction after he pleaded guilty to his crimes as a part of negotiated plea agreements with the State of Indiana.

(Lawrence County Superior Court II Juge Bob Cline)

Cody Stannard, 21, previously pleaded guilty to possession of methamphetamine, a Level 6 felony, in a plea agreement that was filed in 2019. However, after he re-offended, his probation was revoked in that case, and Cline sentenced him Wednesday to fill out the more than 800 days left on that sentence in the Indiana Department of Correction.

In addition, he was sentenced Wednesday to time served for a second Level 6 drug offense from 2019, and he was ordered to spend an additional 910 days in jail for a

possession of methamphetamine charge stemming from his arrest in October.

Also in October, he was arrested on theft charges. In the theft cases, his sentence was suspended to a year of probation upon his release from prison as well as restitution in both cases.

(Lawrence County Deputy Prosecutor Jeremy Weddle)

“Substance abuse can be insidious and often leads not just to repeated abuse but even other criminal activity, such as thefts to support the abuse,” said Lawrence County Deputy Prosecutor Jeremy Weddle who handled the cases on behalf of the State of Indiana. “It can be a vicious cycle, and it’s not just the user who suffers but the community, as well.

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That’s why cases like this are critical for us to prosecute: We get drugs off of the streets; an abuser into the DOC, where hopefully he’ll find rehabilitation; and a

safer community, too. Under Mr. Samuel Arp’s leadership in the Lawrence County Prosecutor’s Office, we are working day by day to combat the problems that drug abuse creates here in Lawrence County.”

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