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Bedford Man one of eight Arrested in Brown County Sex and Human Trafficking Operation

BROWN COUNTY - APRIL 15, 2023 - During the course of this week, Members of the Brown County Sheriff's Department along with the Brown County Prosecutors Office and Covenant Rescue Group conducted an operation to help combat sex and human trafficking.

Photo: Paul Ray Solt Jr. from Bedford, Indiana was one of the eight arrested in a human trafficking

The Brown County Sheriff's Department was targeting those who were preying on underage children. In total we made 8 arrests over three nights.

"We want to thank members of our entire department from Dispatch, Jail and Officers. This takes an entirely team effort to be able to do this," Brown County Sheriff Detective Brian Shrader.

Should you have any questions concerning this operation or any arrests please contact Detective Brian Shrader at 812-988-6655 ext. 1342 or by email at


The Covenant Rescue Group was founded in June 2019 by a U.S. Seal and his wife. They saw a lack of skills and funding to properly rescue victims and arrest criminals involved in human trafficking.

Sharing a passion for children how fall victim to human trafficking globally, they decided to become active. They organized their passion, training and expertise to bring this wicked, organized enterprise to an end.

The CRG provide funding for real-life operations that lead to real rescues, arrests and prosecutions. The group provides equipment and training for law enforcement.

The CRG is a faith-based team, highly committed to the mission of human trafficking by advocacy, education, and operations.

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