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Bedford Little Theater's Production of Treasure Island starts February 23rd

Updated: Feb 20

BEDFORD - FEBRUARY 18, 2024 - Bedford Little Theater's production of Ken Ludwig's "Treasure Island" starts on February 23rd with six performances by local talented actors.

Photo: Sights and scenes of " Treasure Island"

This production is based on the book by Robert Louis Stevenson set in the 1780s with a story of Jim Hawkins who is age 14 who was left in charge of the family business helping his mother set on by a group of pirates.

Hawkins is given a treasure map by a pirate who comes to their Inn and he and a rich man from town decides to go on the voyage to look for the treasure.

In the mid- 18th century, and old sailor who identifies himself as "The Captain" starts to lodge at the rural Admiral Benbow Inn on England's Bristol Channel.

He tells the innkeepers son, Jim Hawkins, to keep a lookout for "a one legged seafaring man", Black Dog, a sailor Black Dog, a sailor recognizes as the captain as his former ship mate Billy Bones and confronts him

The two get in a sword fight; Black Dog flees and and Bone's suffers a stroke. That night Jim's father dies.

There is more to this story and the public is invited to go and see this action packed voyage. The 28 actors will put on a action packed voyage with some sword fights on this trip to "Treasure Island".

" We have some great pirate music, and good sound effects with a sword battle, gun battle with a lot of death. This will be a fun experience for everyone who comes," said Tomi Carroll.

" We have an amazing set, amazing cast, and the story is fun, with the book was written in 1881 for kids. Stevenson was known as the children's author and this is one of the adventure stories he wrote," added Carroll

Parents should be aware there is a lot of violence in the show, not any more than a movie or video game.

Lawrence County Zephyr got a sneak peek at the production and got to talk to some of those acting some for the first time.

" This is thrilling, I like action type of stuff and really cool to be in this part of the play. This is cool I just like plays, I recently started in plays not to long ago. This helps me because finds me in what I do. I am goofy a lot of times, and it helps me to do a lot of different stuff here," said Conner Ehinger who plays Jemmy Rathbone. Ehinger who is a 7th grader at Jackson Creek Middle School.

" I acted a lot in my youth. The sword fights are fun, and this story is a childhood classic and I got a copy of the book at home. I seen the movie and read different versions including a comic book version" said Heidi Canary. " I know the story very well,"

When not acting you can find Canary at McDonald's working.

" I watched the musical Matilda, and then said to my mom hey I want to be in a musical. So my mom said well, lets see what Little Theater is doing. I was able to be in the " The Wizzard of Oz". I then wanted to try this play out," said  Kristen Arnold a 4th grade student at SCA who plays daughter of the Square daughter and pirates.

" I always been interested in acting after I seen a movie when I was little," said Kat Carrico a home school student from Veritas. " I love this all,

" Well one of friends of mine heard they was doing "Treasure Island" and we wanted to try it out. I am an extra and this is going to be fun to be a part of," Zoe Tolbert who is homeschooled.

You can purchase tickets now with information below:

Cast & Crew

  • Jemmy Rathbone ....Conner Ehinger

  • Israel Hands .... Jeff Albertson

  • Justice Death ....Jen McNeely

  • George Merry ....... Heidi Canary

  • Anne Bonny ........ Bailey Noel

  • Black Dog ........... Emily Chase

  • Ezekiel Hazard...... Eliza Staggs

  • Calico Jack ....... Linkin Guthrie

  • Captain Flint/Ben Gunn ........ Greg Simons

  • Jim Hawkins ........... Levi Thompson 

  • Jim’s Mother/Pirate ......... Kat Carrico 

  • Bar Maid/Pirate ..........Olivia Tarr

  • Dr. Livesey ............. Steve Booker

  • Squire Trelawney........... Brooks Arnold

  • Widow Drews/Pirate ..... Angela Schultz

  • Squire’s Daughters/Pirates ........ Zoe Tolbert, Kristen Arnold

  • Inn Guest/Pirate ...... Peyton Tarr

  • Billy Bones ....Joel Stroud

  • Boy with Barrow/Pirate ......Jude Barnard

  • Blind Pew ..... Lee Cuba

  • Long John Silver/Father .... Clint Tirey

  • Boys with Fishing Pole ....Finn Barnard, Rowen Barnard 

  • Beggar/Crew Member .... Erin Carroll 

  • Capt. Smollett/Rev. Mainwaring .....Tom Trent

  • Tom Morgan/Pirate ........ Liam DeWell

  • Job O’Brien .....Quintin Barnard

  • Parrot (voice) .....Aden Morris

  • Director .....Tomi Carroll

  • Assistant Director ...Carrie Owens-Montgomery

  • Production Assistant .... Megan Barnard

  • Fight Choreographer .....Kenny Hertling

  • Special Effects ...... Jonathan Carroll

  • Stage Managers ..............Christopher Carroll, Austin Robbins

  • Light Designer ..... Clint Tirey

  • Sound Designer ......Aden Morris

  • Makeup & Hair ......Annie Barnard, Emily Chase

  • Costumes ...... Avery New

  • Set Design .... Bryan Montgomery

  • Set Builders ..... Wesley Barnard, Mark Thompson, Greg Simons

  • Set Builders ...... Tom Montgomery, Michelle Montgomery

  • Set Painters ....... Holly Arnold & cast


Free-Holiness Church 11122 Indiana State Road 54 Cincinnati, Indiana

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